Chemical Resistance Tool

Chemical resistance: How to find the right material for aggressive media 

Not every pipe material is suitable for transporting aggressive liquids and gases. The use of incorrect materials can lead to problems. With this online tool, you can now find the right materials for your project both quickly and easily.

  • Select the medium you intend to transport.
  • ChemRes PLUS will then show you suitable materials in a clearly arranged table.


The listed ratings are valid for conditions listed and assumed to be for continual exposure to medium at temperature listed and for use in a pressure piping system. However, while a negative or conditional rating may be noted, a suitable application of a particular material/medium combination may be given under different process conditions (e.g. drainage systems, temporary exposure, briefly exceeding maximum temperature, etc.). Please contact GF for more information.

Here’s what the results mean:

++ (Green background): Fully recommended, no influence on material properties. 

+ (Blue background): Recommended together with the specified reduction factor. Influence on material properties, e.g. by penetration or swelling, is possible, but no chemical attack. 

O (Yellow background): Restricted recommendation. From this temperature, recommendations are not generally given, only on the basis of an individual assessment. Please contact GF Piping Systems directly. 

- (Red background): Not suitable. Incompatibility of material and medium.


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