Vibrating Level Forks

GF offers a carefully selected range of point level switches. Different application conditions require dedicated working principles, specific process connections and wetted materials of excellent quality. GF point level switches ensure safety in your industrial tank applications.

Vibrating fork level switches are suitable for level detection of liquids or granular, powdered solids. Mounted on tanks, filling and emptying can be controlled using these devices and they are also able to generate failsafe alarms providing overfill or dry-run protection. The operating principle is based on the electronic circuit exiting the fork probe, which makes it vibrate. As the medium reaches and covers the fork, its vibration changes. The electronics sense the change of vibration and give an output signal after a selected delay.

Operational safety

Ensuring operational safety is crucial for industrial operations. GF vibration level forks feature a simple but secure design to ensure safety and compliance.

Superb durability

The vibration level forks feature high-performance coatings that enable smooth operation even in harsh conditions with corrosive or aggressive media.

Maintenance made easy

Suitable for a wide range of temperature and pressure ranges as well as various media, vibrating level forks require very little to no maintenance. This makes it easy to ensure reliable operation of your processes.

High level of reliability

With their fail-safe design, our vibrating measurement equipment provides you with the security of knowing that your systems are working properly at all times.

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