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The water treatment market is faced with several critical issues with increasing urbanization and global warming, resulting in one of the biggest concerns, namely water scarcity. Industrial companies are producing more polluted wastewater, creating challenges for water technology in many different industries. Growing stringent safety and sustainability regulations on chemical handling ensure increased environmental and human health standards thanks to greater control in chemical reuse, reclaim, and recycling. Process Automation has an integral role in the growing need for water conservation. At GF Piping Systems, we offer deep application knowledge of the entire water and chemical cycle. We futureproof your entire piping system with intelligent integration, gain insight and efficiencies effortlessly across the entire install.

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How our Process Automation solutions ensure...

stable water quality

Industry applications require different shades of water quality. No matter what your process specifies, the water quality must remain consistently reliable. We have the ideal solution for minimal manual intervention throughout the lifecycle with little to no maintenance. Smart water systems offer the opportunity to improve productivity and efficiency while enhancing customer service.


production efficiency and reduced operating costs

GF automation solutions simplify process monitoring and control, lower rework costs, minimize inspection costs, and reduce system failures. Our advanced piping solutions are made of lightweight plastic materials, which contributes to easier and faster installation times, so maintenance requires less effort than metal. Thanks to non-corrosive materials, the lifetime can often be exceeded by multiples compared to conventional solutions.


process intelligence

GF Piping Systems' instrumentation products help measure and analyze process parameters such as pressure, temperature, level, and humidity. Our process automation solutions help monitor and control processes to lower rework costs, minimize inspection costs, and reduce system failures. Optimize your time onsite: let your plant work on the safest autopilot ever with our optimized pairing of instrumentation and automation.


optimizing energy usage

If pneumatic or electric actuation is needed, we have got you covered. With lower operating torque on our plastic valves, we help to preserve energy and enable smaller actuator options with no compromise on performance. Our system approach guarantees a seamless integration from the piping to the control system.



lower footprint with our sustainable processes

Reduction of packaging, including paperwork, is at the center of our thinking. Corrosion-free plastic systems not only help to reduce leakages but also ensure a long lifetime can be expected. We provide customer support at every step to ensure the best use and installation. Depending on the jointing technology of choice, state-of-the-art quality control is available, from digital weld bead inspection (WBI) to non-destructive testing (NDT) combined with digital documentation capabilities. Save on pump capacity by optimized sizing, and less pressure loss across the complete system.


We offer the full package with our products and solutions, providing a top-quality installation, a highly skilled team of experts standing by our customers‘ side every step of the way worldwide, and digitalized services ensuring a project is at the forefront of the market.


The right automated valve for your application

We offer one of the most comprehensive valve product ranges, enabling you to find the right match for your application. Our automated valves are available in a wide selection of dimensions, materials, chemical resistances, standards, actuation, operation principles,and pipe connections and they are designed for long service life. Combining the right valve selection and our high product quality leads to a favorable total cost of ownership.


Reliable actuation with configuration flexibility

With our modular set-up, valves and actuators can be combined flexibly, and additional functionalities, like positioners or smart monitoring devices, can be added optionally. Naturally, we offer a whole range of all-plastic designs which are capable of withstanding harsh environments. A wide range of pressure regulating valves and accessories complete our actuation portfolio.



Accurate measurement is the basis for reliable process control

Our measurement offering will cover your needs: flow, pH, conductivity, level, temperature and various water quality parameters. Most sensors are available in plastic for the corresponding piping systems and are therefore highly resistant to chemicals. Our plug-and-play measurement products are self-explanatory, easy to maintain, and offered with suitable installation fittings.


Precise control throughout your automation loop

The clever design makes life easy. All our measurement parameters can be connected with the same transmitter, a true multi-parameter controller. Due to their modular design, additional functionalities such as batch control or communication technologies can be added anytime. Our control products are simple to operate, have intuitive menu structures, and can be upgraded modularly.

Process Automation has an integral role within the growing need for water conservation. The process automation control loop for plastic piping systems simplifies the design, planning, and installation of multiple industrial water treatment applications.

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Ion Exchange: Water Innovations Inc. - USA

As water grows more scarce, water quality gets increasingly loaded with dissolved solids over time – Water Innovations specializes in ion exchange and water recycling to produce deionized water. They allow customers such as printed circuit board manufacturers or aerospace engineering customers to closed-loop recycle their own water to meet their water quality requirements. GF is a long-term, strategic partner of Water Innovations, supplying a wide variety of process automation products. Reliability, support, and assistance from GF Piping Systems meant that Water Innovations resorted to using the whole family of products to help their customers recycle hundreds of millions of liters of water.


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Reverse Osmosis: Ekopak - Belgium

Ekopak uses the process automation offering from GF Piping Systems to outfit its containers sold as “water as a service” to provide sustainable water to customers. There is a high fluctuation of quality at the inlet of the system, meaning Ekopak needs to constantly monitor water quality at both the inlet and outlet of the system, as well as in between, to regulate the process. The Belgian company considers monitoring and process automation as the key to operating and delivering consistent quality to customers. GF Piping Systems solves the issues of Ekopak throughout their entire process, working closely with a sustainably-minded company for a more sustainable future.


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Filtration: Pure life Carbon - Canada

The agricultural industry is currently facing a difficult challenge – it has to supply food to a growing number of people while simultaneously becoming more sustainable. As a result, Canadian company Pure Life Carbon has developed carbon-based growing mediums for indoor farming applications. Compared to traditional growing mediums, they are not only carbon-neutral but also require 90% less material volume during plant cultivation. GF Piping Systems provides solutions for an automated and efficient production.

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Filtration: Rochem - India

True to its motto „Recreate, rejuvenate, retrieve”, Rochem Separation Systems develops solutions for mobile water treatment. As a result, up to 200.000 liters of water are processed daily through a number of processes like reverse osmosis or nanofiltration. In an e ort to provide customers with a high and reliable water quality, Rochem has been relying on products by GF Piping Systems for 20 years.

We make Process Automation easy

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We make process Automation easy

By being a full solution provider we enable our customers to design, select, install and own process automation solutions. We make Process Automation easy. With Process Automation, GF Piping Systems can supply every customer not just with the highest quality parts but with an interoperable all-in-one solution.

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