Only change the gasket! Pay attention for the correct position of the seal. For position and sequence of clamping ring, seal ring and seal, look at PRIMOFIT installation instruction. Attention: Please take care of the right position of the stepped washer (see fig. 8)!
Conversion Kit PRIMOFIT for steel tubes EN 10255: Seal exclusively for drinking water application! Attach sticker for identification of the fitting after conversion!

Hold primofit vertically and unscrew the lower nut completely.

Lift the body of the PRIMOFIT upwards. Make sure that the sealing components in the unscrewed nut do not fall out!

Remove the NBR seal from the nut, remembering the orientation and location of the seal in the nut. Leave all other components in the nut!

Insert the new EPDM gasket as the removed NBR gasket was in. The tapered side is up.

Put the PRIMOFIT body from above back into the nut.

Screw on the nut. But do not screw it too tight otherwise the PRIMOFIT can not be pushed over the pipe during assembly. Furthermore, before mounting on the pipe, make sure that all sealing components in the nut are centered and not tilted.

Install sticker for identification of fitting after conversion! Pay attention to a grease-free adhesive surface!

Only replace the gasket! Pay attention to the correct position of the seal. Position and sequence of clamping ring, sliding ring and seal, see also Fig. 8 or PRIMOFIT assembly instruction. Greater than dimension 1 ½, attention must also be paid to the correct position of the graduated sliding ring (see also Fig. 8)!