Founded in 1833 by Georg Fischer, the plant in Traisen/Austria, produces pipe fittings that have proven themselves for more than 150 years in demanding applications such as gas or drinking water installations in buildings. More than with any other product GF has shaped the craftmanship in piping construction with the malleable cast iron fitting and its thread connection. The extensive range of fittings enables maximum efficiency through the minimum number of fittings and joints.

Simple installation and assembly

Primofit compression joints are simply tightened with a wrench, while malleable cast iron fittings are precision-engineered to ensure a tight fit.

Safe and resistant

Manufactured from high-quality, easily galvanizable cast metal, the material guarantees a long service life and reliable function of the fittings.

When quality is required

Whether material or construction: The production facility in Austria meets the highest demands and supports customers all over the world with technical support.

150 years of expertise in fittings

Thanks to their 150 years of experience, Georg Fischer Fittings is able to design and manufacture with the user in mind.



Compression fitting

GEBEF 2010

House entry fittings

Industrial Parts

Customized Parts made of white heart malleable cast iron

Primofit Karnevent 2021

Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH

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