Precise water control

Hycleen Automation System

Revolutionizing sanitary automation processes and securing the safe supply of potable water

The Hycleen Automation System conducts your potable water installation safely and conveniently from one central control unit. With the automated circulation control system, GF Piping Systems ensure flowing harmony in your installation. It allows for all system data to be logged, evaluated and displayed on a 10-inch touch screen. All system data can be conveniently monitored remotely; status information and unusual occurrences are reported via push messages.


Uniformly high temperatures and regular water exchange. Prevention of biofilm formation and Legionella infestation thanks to hydraulic balancing and automatic flushing.


Easier calculation of hydraulic balancing thanks to sound data basis and thus constant water pressure, without long waiting time for cold or hot water.

Energy saving

Hot water temperature reduction thanks to optimal hydraulic balancing.


Simple to install with only one cable for electricity and data. Fast, software-assisted commissioning. Master automatically detects type and ID of all connected controllers.

How it works


Water now comes from the cloud

Discover the new Hycleen Connect.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Remote access
  • Data management

Automated solution for building water systems

Hycleen Automation System is improving water safety and performance in hospitals by creating a more intelligent, automated control system. Watch the Community Hospital of Staunton reference case video.

Reference Cases

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Hot water back in balance

The Community Hospital of Staunton, Illinois, is a critical access hospital in the state’s southwest region. The hospital’s facility director approached GF Piping Systems for assistance with the balance of the building’s water system. The goal was to resolve long wait times for hot water and difficulties with reaching desired temperatures.  

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Finding an Automated Solution for Building Water Systems

When Miami Valley Hospital evaluated their domestic hot water system, they realized they were experiencing low return water temperatures. They turned to HEAPY, a nationally recognized engineering leader in healthcare to find a solution. Find out why they chose the Hycleen Automation System. 

Reference Hycleen Automation System

„We sought an integral solution, not just one for the water intake“

Moss municipality was recently able to put two new systems into operation that will reduce the risk of Legionella or other unwanted bacteria occurring within the hot water supply. This solution will ensure that the system will be regulated at all times and that its operation will be documented

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