It's Time for a Change

What if you could save the maintenance budget allocated to replace corroded pipe, damaged insulation and jackets?

The COOL-FIT PE Plus System is a revolutionary way to create efficient and safe secondary refrigerations loops that are more cost effective and easier to install. 

Minimized maintenance costs

The media pipe is corrosion and scaling free with a UV and impact resistant jacket pipe. This fully plastic system is pre-insulated with closed cell insulation attached to both media and jacket pipes remaining water and vapor tight, with a design life-span of more than 50 years.

65% Lighter Than Metal

Perfect use for buildings with challenging load bearings. In rooftop installations, this weight reduction can allow for more equipment to be installed on the roof, increasing the commercial floor space available.

50% Faster to Install

Installation time minimized and error potential reduced. The pipe, insulation and external jacket are installed in one step by electrofusion – a machine assisted process that reduces the human factor and allows for traceability of the joints.

The Dairy industry requires reliable cooling in all steps of manufacturing and storage. Downtime and continuous repairs on the glycol, brine and chilled water loops can be avoided with COOL-FIT PE Plus.


COOL-FIT PE Plus is a pre-insulated plastic piping systems that brings peace of mind to the owners, facility and maintenance managers within dairy processing.  This maintenance-free piping system has a life-span of more than 25 years where it remains corrosion-free, water and vapor tight and with undamaged insulation.

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In this on demand webinar you will learn how to reduce installation time and minimize maintenance costs on your secondary cooling lines while increasing the life expectancy of your system.

Ken's Foods uses COOL-FIT®

Sierra Nevada Brewery uses COOL-FIT®

Tasteful Selections uses COOL-FIT®

COOL-FIT PE Plus – It's Time for a Change!


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