GF Piping Systems Pension Scheme

Welcome to the GF Piping Systems Pension Scheme

The trustees of an occupational pension scheme must put in place and maintain a statement of investment principles (SIP). This sets out the basis on which the trustees plan to invest the scheme assets amongst other things.

At GF Piping Systems, we understand that planning for your future is as important as driving innovation today. Our Pension Scheme is designed with this philosophy in mind, offering a robust and secure foundation for your retirement planning.

Understanding Our Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) The heart of our Pension Scheme lies in our Statement of Investment Principles (SIP). Crafted with diligence and foresight, the SIP is more than just a document — it's a commitment to the responsible stewardship of our scheme assets. It outlines the strategic approach we take in investing these assets, ensuring they are managed prudently and productively.

As trustees of the GF Piping Systems Occupational Pension Scheme, we adhere to a set of core principles in managing your investments, as set out within the available Statement of Investment Principles (SIP).