GF Deka

High-quality plastic pipe systems for the chemical and petrochemical industries: Deka pipes are thermally stable and corrosion-resistant thanks to high-performance polymers.

High-quality plastic pipes for demanding industries: Deka has been setting standards with pipe systems made of high-performance materials for the chemical and petrochemical industries since 1960.

Whether corrosion-resistant or thermally stable, Deka pipe systems are more than just plastic. Since 1960, the specialists have been reinventing the plastic pipe time and again. From the preparation of materials according to our own formulas, via production and finishing, to Europe's largest high-rack warehouse for plastic pipe systems. Whether PP, PE, PVC or high-performance thermoplastic, Deka, which joined Georg Fischer in 1998, sets the standard.

Georg Fischer DEKA GmbH

Kreuzstraße 22

35232 Dautphetal


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