GF Piping Systems leads the way in long-lasting, corrosion, and maintenance-free solutions for gas distribution by offering fast, safe and customized installations. Our comprehensive piping components, jointing technologies, control systems, and specialized solutions, increase efficiency, reliability, safety, and longevity.  GF Piping systems result in zero leakage for an estimated lifetime of 100 years. 

value-bar-icon-6 Safe and cost effective operations

Our high-quality PE (polyethylene) plastic systems warrant the best total cost over long-term ownership. When compared to steel pipes, their flexibility and low weight help to reduce failures on distribution lines and better absorb natural ground movements.

wolke Zero leakage and sustainable

For secure transport of gas, GF Piping Systems guarantees zero leakage operations by providing high-quality piping components and safe jointing technologies. Corrosion-free systems made of PE are sustainable and provide long-lasting solutions with an estimated lifetime of 100 years.

value-bar-icon-1 Guaranteed installation quality

Our specialized solutions include Ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) technology that checks the quality of the welding during construction and during operation of the PE piping systems. It evaluates the properties of the welded components and produces a report on the long-term behavior of the joints components, the joints, and increases the safety of the system.

value-bar-icon-5 Faster high quality installation and rental

Our customizing teams develop custom made parts or specialized solutions produced in small series and off-site prefabrication. With prefabrication, customers can reduce the assembly work and time-on-site while increasing installation quality and flexibility. Our rental pools worldwide offer various machines and tools for different jointing technologies.

Lifetime of consistent performance

GF Piping Systems offer sustainable solutions for the advanced piping network. Getting everything from one source means comprehensive solutions that are perfectly compatible. A combination of fittings, and with state of the art fusion and jointing technology as well as tools results in reliable and cost-efficient installations.

Gas transportation lines

Efficient and effective transportation of gas over long distances, from producing regions to consumption regions, requires extensive and elaborate piping systems which are typically in the range up to >d315mm. The transport of gas can be a difficult task, so a safe and reliable connection is the key factor. GF Piping Systems understands your need for suitable tools, high-performance connection techniques, and parts, as well as competent on-site support. It is our experience and know-how in the construction, operation and maintenance of large dimension piping systems that enables us to find the right solutions for your diverse gas transport installations.

Gas distribution lines

Gas is fed into the local public network at a location on the outskirts of town. Supply stations reduce the pressure of the gas to make it compatible with the distribution system and, at the same time, meter the gas flow. Gas distribution lines generally operate at 0.1 to 5 bar and are typically dimensioned in the range of d90 to d225. Our Polyethylene ELGEF Plus Systems utilize electrofusion and butt fusion components and technologies to offer you a quality assurance.

Gas house connections / service lines

In the last stage of the gas distribution grid, service lines bring gas from the regional grid supply system into houses, buildings, or plants, passing through the gas meter. With our modular electrofusion systems, fittings and saddles are compatible and when combined, they form reliable and leakproof connections.

Seam Gas /LNG

Seam gas is a by-product of coal mining operations, with the gas found in underground coal seams during extraction. During the digging of the deep wells, gas and water are removed during the process. In this application, leakproof and non-corrosive pipelines are a must. Our PE components offer a wide range of electrofusion and butt fusion solutions to ensure a constant gas and water supply and assure the reliability and safety that you need.

Maintenance and Repair

Gas utilities invest significantly to ensure consistent quality in the operations and maintenance of gas supply networks.  Repairs immediately occur to reduce gas loss, broken or damaged pipes. GF Piping Systems offers a wide range of repair and drilling solutions. For maintenance or repair of an existing or corroded pipe, we provide high product availability of replacement parts that are quick and easy to install.

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