Increased safety for personnel

50 years of experience in chemical advice

Accuracy + / - 1 percent

No chemical contamination

Diaphragm Valve DIASTAR Ten Plus

For applications in which pressure is applied from both sides of the diaphragm valve, opt for the DIASTAR TenPlus. Like the DIASTAR Ten, this valve is easy to install, will not corrode and controls the system flow rate exceptionally well.

Paddlewheel Sensors

Paddlewheel flow sensors are highly repeatable, rugged sensors that offer exceptional value with little or no maintenance.


Compliance with legal regulations for environmental and personal protection is of great importance, especially for operators handling with hazardous media. The CONTAIN-IT Plus System is the ideal solution to comply with legal regulations, to protect production facilities, to prevent end-product contamination and contributes to a sustainable manufacturing and a good image care