Stay tuned to hear about the latest innovations in the water utility.  The assembled water professionals from the water research institutes, international associations, development banks, customers, and GF Piping Systems will discuss how non-revenue water affects the world. Find out their view on the future of digital solutions to help solve this ever-increasing challenge.  It is time to work together towards a water-wise world. 

Are you interested in our upcoming episodes on: 

  • How to combat non-revenue water

  • How utilities are innovating with technologies and showcasing utility reference cases

  • Smart pressure management, digitalizing the water networks 

  • Live from the trench

  • Practical and virtual reality training

  • The future of smart digital solutions to solve water loss 

Listen to experts giving their insights and discussions. Check out all the sessions on-demand to discover thought-provoking episodes to help you solve this ever-increasing challenge. 

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Episode 1: How water loss is affecting the world

Join our moderator Andrew Walker and our panel of water experts from across the sector to discuss the challenges of non-revenue water, how it affects utilities, and how they deal with water loss issues.

Episode is now available!

GF Piping Systems welcomes you to the first episode of Solving water loss for life panel discussion. Our moderator Andrew Walker, is here to open the panel event and is joined by:

  • Stuart Hamilton, Chair of the Water Loss Specialist Group at IWA, and Head of NRW Development – Miya Water
  • Rodrigo Riquelme, Water and Sanitation Lead Specialist at the Inter American Development Bank
  • Dr. Christoph Lüthi, Head of the Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development Department, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag),
  • Olivier Narbey, Senior Business Development Manager at GF Piping Systems, to give us a holistic overview of how water loss affects different world regions and highlight the importance of acting on and solving non-revenue water.
Episode 2: How utilities are innovating with technology

Join our moderator Andrew Walker and our panel of water experts from across the sector to discuss how utilities innovate with technologies to solve water loss issues and digitalize their water networks to reduce leakages​. Our guests will also be showcasing reference cases about intelligent pressure management.

Episode 2 will be available on the  20th December,  save the date and register below to stay tuned!

GF Piping Systems welcomes you to the second episode of Solving water loss for life panel discussion. Our moderator Andrew Walker, is here to open the panel event and is joined by:

  • Jurica Kovac, International Water Association Fellow, and Director at Aqua Libera Ltd
  • Dragan Savic FREng, Chief Executive Officer, KWR Water Research Institute (Netherlands) and Professor of Hydroinformatics, University of Exeter (UK)
  • Chris Evans, Chief Operations Officer at Detection Services 
  • Vangelis Balokas, Technical Director Olympios S.A.
  • Victor Pinedo – Senior Business Development Manager at GF Piping Systems

Water network solutions for utilities

Solving water loss affects all aspects of the water cycle. GF Piping system with highly engineered products and industry-leading technologies create solutions that span the water cycle to help reduce non-revenue water for utilities. We are solving water loss for life.

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Fast and easy repairs with MULTI/JOINT restraint fittings, compatible with any piping material systems, offer a wide range of restraint and non-restraint connections.

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