GF Piping Systems leads the way in long lasting, corrosion and maintenance free solutions for water & gas distribution by offering fast, safe and customized (plug and pay, pre-fabricated) installations. Our comprehensive piping materials, jointing technologies, control systems and customized services increase efficiency, reliability, safety and longevity.  GF Piping systems result in zero leakage for up to 100 years lifetime.

Long-lasting solutions

Corrosion-free systems made of PE plastic provide long-lasting solutions estimated lifetime of 100 years even in harsh environments or when abrasive chemicals need to be conveyed.

Reliable and optimized networks

High quality PE plastic systems warrant the best total cost of long-term ownership. By providing the right jointing technology, automated monitoring and control products, modular fusion and fitting systems for any piping materials, GF Piping Systems guarantees both economical, reliable and safe operations.

Faster high quality installation and rental

GF's specialized solutions include ultrasonic non-destructive testing technology that checks the quality of the welding during construction and during operation of the PE piping systems. It evaluates properties of the welded components and produces report on the long-term behavior of the joints and increases the safety of the system. GF Piping Systems can customize pipe parts, prefabricate segment fitting, and send them to the construction site. This reduces the assembly work and time on site, while increasing installation quality. Our rental pools worldwide offer various machines and tools for different jointing technologies.

Better control of your pressure

Our state of art pressure management technology can prevent over-pressurizing your pipes (can optimize pressure regulation) while delivering accurate, stable flow and increased flow capacity to your customers. The significantly reduced weight and corrosion free polymer body of the smart valve can decrease installation costs by 30-40%. Additional monitoring equipment can be integrated (i.e. flow, pH).

Highest level of safety and reliability with FM certification

Safety, reliability and regulatory compliance is one of the most important requirements for our utility customers. GF Piping Systems offer FM certified systems according to the ISO and AST standards and provide reliable measurements to meet stringent regulations and to comply with local specification standards.

Water transportation lines

Transporting water from the point of generation to the end-user requires safe and economical conveyance, which is a key requirement for water utilities. Typically, the medium pressure is generally 6 bar, but reach peaks of 25 bar. For the secure transport of water, it is essential that pipes, fittings and valves are connected safely and reliably – especially for large dimensions and in applications where different materials are used. Utilities are aiming for the high performance jointing technologies, proper tooling and expert support on the site. Integrated in various project phases, our high quality of comprehensive piping  systems offer modular systems, connection parts and know-how in building, operating, maintaining in large dimensions  >d315mm (or DN300).

Water distribution lines

Connecting mains, supply pipes and hydrants safely and reliably is crucial for water distribution. Distribution lines in the potable water grid are typically in the range from DN 50 (d63) up to DN300 (d355). Our piping systems have a design pressure of up to 16 bar. Our comprehensive jointing systems are applicable for all kind of materials providing electrofusion and butt fusion technologies and polyethylene (PE100) systems to offer you full traceability for integrated sustainable quality assurance.

Water house connections / service lines

In the last stage of the water grid, service lines bring drinking water from the regional grid supply system into houses, buildings or plants, passing through the water meter, located either inside or outside the house. Due to its flexibility, polyethylene (PE) is used today for new installations. Our outstanding customizing PE possibilities when combined with modular electrofusion systems form leak-proof connections.

Underground fire protection

In case of fire, a secure and reliable supply of water for underground distribution and above ground sprinkler systems is crucial for emergency management. The complete system relies on a consistent supply of water with adequate pressure and the right flow rate. Our PE underground systems are FM approved. Sprinkler lines and connection must meet local fire laws. Corrosion-free and reliable jointing systems are key criteria.

Water storage

The water network must include natural or artificial reservoirs, where drinking and service water can be stored. In case of fire, water can be drawn from these reservoirs for firefighting. In case of damage to pipelines or fluctuations in consumption, they help to maintain a constant water pressure throughout the network and equalize water volumes.  Our modular tapping systems guarantee for maximum flexibility , 100% water supply and preventing water hammer.


Water intake lines

Water intake lines convey raw water from the source, rivers or the sea, to the storage area before its treatment. Since long distances are bridged, a corrosive free solution is needed. Often involving large dimensions and complete reliable leak-proof systems with a lifespan of over 100 years is a must to ensure constant water supply without interrupting operations.

Reference – Municipal Water supply

In drawing up and implementing a new water supply concept for the German city of Rottweil, city officials were called upon to ensure that the municipal water supply was reliable, economical and sustainable and that the water supply was secured in the long term. For the required renovation and re-dimensioning of the nearly 100-year-old water GF Piping Systems high quality polyethylene (PE) large dimension pipes, fittings and the proven ELGEF Plus electrofusion technology was selected.

Reference – Clean water supply

To secure a reliable, economical and sustainable water supply, the Waterworks in Lublin, Poland decided to renew a part of their old steel piping system. The new Polyethylene piping system and cutting end couplers from GF Piping Systems now serves 150’000 inhabitants.


Irrigation includes drainage, soil reclamation and erosion control. If any of these factors are ignored due to either a lack of understanding or planning, agricultural productivity is certain to decline. It is a system extending across many technical and non-technical disciplines and only works efficiently and continually when all the components are integrated seamlessly. GF Piping Systems provides excellent and technically competent products for both new build as well as maintenance and repair of today’s irrigation networks.


Greenhouses must create different ecological conditions such as humidity, temperature and soil aeration, often in very demanding environments. Food production will be separated from the local weather by building large green houses or implementing extended irrigation to increase the output of food per unit area. Systems that are simple to install and ensure a secure, water tight distribution over the total product lifespan, will become an important attribute. GF Piping Systems provides irrigation solutions that offer zero leakage and are designed to last at least 50 years.


One of the most important innovations recently in the field of vegetable cultivation is fertigation. It is now also present in open air cultivation. Today, fertigation introducing a specific nutrient into the irrigation water, is a system to increase quality and yield of the cultivation. It limits water waste and manure distribution which also reduces the pollution of soil due to lower nitrogen consumption. GF Piping solutions has numerous solutions to produce fertigation units, including iJOINT compression fittings and saddles, PVC-U fittings and valves, PE electrofusion and butt fusion fittings, measurement and control equipment, to produce manifolds.

Landscape irrigation

Landscaping of gardens, parks and even roadside verges requires expertise in horticulture and artistic design to enable flora and fauna to flourish in likely unnatural conditions. GF Piping Systems offers products and services for designers to ensure long years of operation, even in the most demanding landscaping projects.

Sports ground

Sports grounds need specially designed and highly reliable irrigation systems. In some cases even high pressure pipelines are installed to ensure the proper distribution of water over long distances.
Therefore we provide high quality jointing technology including our electrofusion system ELGEF Plus and iJOINT compression fittings to ensure the transport and distribution of water for an outstanding performance on the sports ground.


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