Pressure/Temperature Diagrams

Material, operating temperature and pressure are decisive for the selection of the right piping system. This calculation tool helps you to correctly combine the parameters and to find the optimal system.

Please select your preferred standard below. You will then be forwarded to the according tool.

Instruction Video

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How to find the right piping system?

  • Select between metric or imperial standard.
  • Select your application fields.
  • Next, enter your units for temperature and pressure (°C and bar or °F and psi), select the desired material and check if the material selection is suitable for the entered values. You can either establish or remove the dependency between the pressure and temperature value. By establishing the dependency (closed lock) the max. allowable pressure will be displayed according to the entered temperature or other way around. By removing the dependency (open lock) it's possible to enter free units for pressure and temperature and check the suitability of the material.
  • By selecting several materials there is the possibility to enter the temperature and pressure values (closed lock) and check which of the selected materials is suitable for the entered units.
  • There is an opportunity to print out the results or send them by e-mail.

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