NeoFlow Pressure Reducing Valve

Protect your down-stream network against excessive pressure with the intelligent NeoFlow pressure reducing valves.

Co-developed with OUFI

The pilot-controlled NeoFlow pressure reducing valve from GF Piping Systems was conceived for the automatic pressure and flow control in networks for the supply and distribution of water. The NeoFlow pressure reducing valve is designed to fit between standard ANSI150 flanges in a wafer-type arrangement. No actuator stem or diaphragm. Significantly reduced complexity. Low maintenance requirements due to very simple state-of-the-art design with few components and no elastomer diaphragm. Axial flow: More accurate and very stable flow (down to zero), even at a small operating differential. Higher flow precision, also enabling pressure management in low pressure systems. Smart valve: Integrated pilot valve to optimize pressure regulation and optional integrated equipment to monitor flow, and water quality

  • Sizes 2”-12”
  • Lower flow capabilities, 1/10 of traditional valves
  • 8 times lighter than traditional metal valve
  • Easier and faster installation
  • NSF61

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