Our common goal: the net-zero data center of the future. Sustainability is the end-goal but energy efficiency, reliability and time-to-market are the key drivers also driving our daily business. GF Piping Systems experts will be hosting a webinar to explain the added value that GF Piping Systems brings to mission critical cooling.

In today's digital world, data centers are an essential part of global infrastructure. The high power consumption of data centers has increased the focus on the carbon footprint of these mission critical facilities. The mission critical cooling plant of the future must have the most efficient and reliable equipment available.​

The drive to net-zero puts increasing pressure on efficiency improvement, and concurrently, risk mitigation. How can engineered plastic piping systems improve operational efficiency? Can plastic piping systems be utilized in a data center? What benefits do these system offer? Which applications and locations? We will answer these questions and more in the complimentary GF Piping Systems' "Energy Efficient Operation" webinar.​

GF Piping Systems provides leading-edge solutions for mission critical cooling. Their complete range of plastic piping systems and associated engineering and prefabrication solutions are deployed for numerous applications in a data center, offering significant advantages during all phases of the facility's lifecycle from design to installation, and through start up, commissioning and operation: ​

  • Up to 25% increased energy efficiency​
  • 100% corrosion free​
  • Off-site prefabrication with bespoke engineering  ​

Please join our webinar to hear how GF Piping Systems helps improve the efficiency of data centers, with the shared goal of achieving the net-zero data center of the future in mind.

May 6th, 2021 at 13:00 (BST)

with Mark Stuart and Mark Bulmer

Our Webinar Highlights


Mark Stuart

Data Center Sales Director (Europe)

George Fischer Sales Ltd

Paradise Way

CV2 2ST Coventry

United Kingdom