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GF Piping Systems instructional courses to help you teach your customers and their installers essential knowledge for the welding of pipes and piping components, as well as an in-depth understanding of butt and electrofusion connections. With Specialized Education from GF Piping Systems, we help prevent damage before it occurs, with well-trained and qualified installers. 

hr A cut above

Get the most out of your high-quality plastic piping systems for optimal installation and use of your premium quality product.

value-bar-icon-3 Quality certified

Trained individuals receive professional certificates from one of the >30 training centers of GF Piping Systems around the world.

lupe Global methods

Learn how to plan, install and maintain piping systems according to a global methodology.

value-bar-icon-2 Wide module range

Choose from a wide range of training module options to expand your expertise in existing and new fields.

Sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences

With numbers of skilled workers in sharp decline around the world, more experienced installers moving into retirement and young prospects lacking incentive for the construction business, training is now crucial for successful projects. How to properly install, maintain or exchange piping systems is key to ensuring a plant or building can operate smoothly. The time pressure on construction sites means installers have to work quickly – in this situation every step needs to be well-rehearsed and workers have to know how to handle materials – whether they are made of traditional metals or more advanced plastic systems.

Inaccurate, hasty installation can have considerable implications, ranging from leaks, to bursts, to total system failure. As a result, manufacturers are forced to interrupt production, hospitals cannot provide sanitary systems to protect their patients and basic needs in domestic infrastructure are jeopardized. Ultimately, this means companies make financial losses, people’s health is endangered and every-day life is destabilized.

Practical training and theory

Clearly designed and structured training courses ensure that participants with varying levels of experience receive the knowledge transfer required to maintain the highest installation standards and quality.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Wherever you are, we come to you. We have training sites worldwide as well as online training. Our experts are at your side wherever you are and conduct practical training sessions in the various fusion and jointing methods on site. The training duration and program depends on the actual project and the system to be installed.

Global network of practical rooms

Practice makes perfect: Experience is one of the most decisive factors for the success of an application, and there is no substitution for it during the installation. Visit one of our practice rooms near you or get up to speed with an online course.


All participants that complete a training course receive accreditation as an official GF Piping Systems installer. We verify that the knowledge transferred in every course is the same worldwide and up to date with our latest products and innovations.

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