ProSite is a digitally connected supplier warehouse situated directly on your job site with the parts most needed already there. Products in use are scanned by a handheld device and the stock change is reported to GF Piping Systems automatically and in real time. This tool simplifies the stock management of your installation projects, reducing the necessary workforce and related costs.

  • Safety for your project: ProSite automatically replaces components already used in your installation and triggers a reorder whenever needed. Your team can always count on the full availability of products, eliminating the risk of costly and reputation-damaging delays.
  • Quick access to required parts: The unavailability of components can delay an entire project – whether they are not ordered in time, production cannot deliver, stuck in customs, or the job site is remote. ProSite brings the stocked supplier warehouse to your job site.
  • Less administration needed: ProSite works automatically in the background. The paperless system reports stock changes and orders replacements. You no longer have to write orders, process delivery notes or organize shipments. Labour and administrative costs are greatly reduced.
  • Monthly billing: Using ProSite simplifies accounting and payment processes through monthly billing. All orders are collected over 30 days and charged collectively. This reduces administrative and accounting work and gives you more financial flexibility.

Manage everything

ProSite is an open system that allows you to manage components from other manufacturers. Orders are forwarded to partners assigned by you. No other system is needed, even if working with several component providers. Furthermore, you can manage several of your own customers’ warehouses from a centralized platform, invoicing them directly for the amount of products ordered. For that, we provide solutions for differentiated scenarios that adapt to your individual needs in the management of your (and your customers’) storage and supply chain.

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