Renowned as being the best jointing technology for gas and water applications since 1957, the extensive product range is used globally for transport lines, distribution lines, house connections and service lines. The components are used underground and aboveground, for new systems, extensions, service and repair work. Waga joined Georg Fischer in 1965, closing the gap between old and new pipe materials – cost-efficiently and safely at all times.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Customers only use MULTI/JOINT® within the water and gas business, right? Think again!

The Night Shift in Action

Gelsenwasser Waterworks

The Premiere of a DN825 MULTI/JOINT® Flange Adaptor

In the very heart of Zürich


The MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus system easily connects pipes from distribution and transport grids made of a wide variety of materials with a wide range of outside diameters.


The fittings are tailor-made for non-standard pipe diameters from DN40 to DN2200. The ST-System – the ideal solution for all your requirements.


Multi/Clamp stainless steel repair clamps are suitable for the repair and drilling of unpressurized or pressurized pipelines from 15 mm to 1,000 mm.

Drilling, Tapping and Testing Tools

Pressure-testing and tapping tools make it possible to make connections to existing pipes and to ensure their tightness after installation. Solutions are offered for both unpressurized and pressurized lines. GF Piping Systems provides a wide range of durable kits and individual tools of the highest quality to meet every requirement.

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Reference Case: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Imagine being the manager of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, a large and popular art museum in the Netherlands. Just like any other day, you are in control and making sure everything goes well. Of course, that is until you are faced with a potentially disastrous leakage…

Reference Case: Philippines' Okada Manila integrated Resort

Customers only use MULTI/JOINT® within the water and gas business, right? Think again! For GF Waga, there was a customer from an unexpected quarter. It turns out none other than the Dutch army puts its trust in MULTI/JOINT® during their missions.

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Reference Case: Giant sinkhole Florence, Italy

Around noon, all of a sudden, a large part of the embankment collapsed and came crashingdown a number of meters. A leaking cast iron water pipe DN600 washed away a massive amount of soil, causing a giant hole with a swirling water mass, which swallowed the parked cars and caused an enormous mess.

Ease of Installation

Innovative components reduce space requirements and ensure safe installation despite pipe misalignment, thus making installation quick and easy.

Long service life

Many years of experience in the industry and patented processes guarantee the highest safety of the durable and maintenance-free jointing technologies.

Low overall costs

The uncomplicated installation already reduces overall costs considerably. Innovative, precisely fitting and durable materials ensure very low overall costs.

Extensive range of products

Research and development ensure a large assortment of different components to cover all requirements.

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