Swimming Pool Piping Solutions

Trusted Performance: Sustainably manufactured PVC-U fittings and vales engineered for swimming pool systems

Swimming pools operators often face a difficult choice between price and quality. Choosing reliable and high-quality components will avoid severe outcomes and costly repairs down in the line.
Our well-proven product portfolio of standards-compliant PVC-U valves and fittings offers the perfect solution for these requirements. The pool range by GF Piping Systems provides maximum safety and reliability while being economically viable, too.

Our swimming pool valves and fittings combine industry quality, standards, and unbeatable price-performance.

Swimming pool piping systems are often hidden in technical rooms or underground. This results in various crucial requirements valves and fittings have to bring. On the one hand, piping components must be as compact as possible to fit into confined spaces. On the other hand, they need to be durable and robust to ensure the failsafe operation and avoid
complex repairs.
Our comprehensive product portfolio of PVC-U valves and fittings solves multiple customer pains. Compact PVC ball valves and fittings reduce space consumption significantly, while pre-assembled butterfly valves decrease installation time. Simple add-ons like colored valve tags facilitate installation handling and prevent operational errors.


Trusted Performance

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Making flow sustainable

The PVC-U Pool Range is a sustainable solution for swimming pool applications. We only use internally ground materials to produce our products to further reduce waste without compromising quality. Lightweight and corrosion-free products further reduce static stress and guarantee a service life as long as the entire piping system.


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