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Save 100 tons of CO2

For a cold store installation, the required 1'500 meters of pre-insulated plastic piping solutions from GF have a carbon footprint equivalent to 100 tons of carbon dioxide less than a metal system. This saving is equivalent to a journey of 446'000 kilometers by car.

40% of total building energy consumption

A typical office building HVAC system accounts for approximately 40% of total building energy consumption and 70% of base building energy consumption. What if you could reduce this using pre-insulated piping systems?

3% of the world's electricity

Data centers consume approximately 3% of the world's electricity, about 40% of which is for air conditioning. What if you they could reduce average energy costs by 25%?

Efficient cooling solutions

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The pre-insulated ecoCOOL system is the ideal solution for the transport of chilled water inside buildings for air-conditioning, such as residential and commercial buildings.

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Embrace the cold - extreme cooling confidence with pre-insulated plastic piping systems. COOL-FIT increases the efficiency of your cooling circuit and is a more sustainable alternative to metal piping systems.

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Food & Beverage

Food and beverage producers face demanding challenges: increasing energy and personnel costs, stringent hygiene and environmental conditions, and more complex production processes. GF Piping Systems is a partner you can rely on as a full solution provider. With customized solutions, we help you to improve the end-product quality, minimize the risks of downtimes, and with our lightweight, corrosion-free solutions, we help you to improve the energy efficiency across your enterprise.

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Data Centers

GF Piping Systems offers a range of complete systems developed specifically for the applications in a data center to offer optimal added-value. From outdoor systems, where our solutions are lightweight and completely 100 % weather-resistant, to indoor water distribution, including white spaces, with our double-containment system with leak detection. See below how we can solve some of the main pipe applications existing in data centers.

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Planning Fundamentals

Our engineering manuals contain detailed information on materials, dimensioning, application techniques, approvals and standards and provide access to a storehouse of additional knowledge.


The COOLING calculation tool allows you to calculate all piping system parameters essential for cooling, such as pressure loss, heat loss, contraction, and temperature loss

Online Tool

GF Piping Systems' diverse online tools facilitate configuration and calculation for almost all your applications.