High-quality plastic pipes for demanding industries: Deka has been setting standards with pipe systems made of high-performance materials for the chemical and petrochemical industries since 1960.

Whether corrosion-resistant or thermally stable, Deka pipe systems are more than just plastic. Since 1960, the specialists have been reinventing the plastic pipe time and again. From the preparation of materials according to our own formulas, via production and finishing, to Europe's largest high-rack warehouse for plastic pipe systems. Whether PP, PE, PVC or high-performance thermoplastic, Deka, which joined Georg Fischer in 1998, sets the standard.

Quality at every level

From plastic formulas to pipe finishing: As a single-service provider for the entire value-added chain, Deka makes the most sophisticated plastic pipe systems possible.

Partner of the users

Deka not only manufactures pipes "off the rack" but also acts as an application-specific solution provider for the most demanding customer industries.

Certified top quality

Deka pipe systems meet the most demanding requirements, a fact that is impressively underscored by certification to international standards.

Covering the globe for demanding customers

Deka know-how has been part of the extensive Georg Fischer family since 1998. Users can therefore benefit from qualified service and domain expertise around the world.

Plastic Pipes

Sturdy and lightweight, plastic pipes are ideal for use in a wide range of applications. Versatile yet durable, these all-rounders offer exceptional reliability and proven quality.

Multilayer Pipes

Multilayer composite pipes combine the advantages of plastic and metal. Thanks to the flexibility of plastic and the strength of metal, the pipes are ideally suited to withstand the wide range of temperatures and pressures found in both cold and hot water systems.

Pre-insulated Pipes

Easy to join and install, lightweight pre-insulated pipes help to minimize energy loss and reduce running costs over the long-term. Insulated with efficient, high-energy foam, pre-insulated pipes are ideal for both new constructions and retrofitting.

Double Containment Pipes

Double containment pipes provide optimal safety for high-risk and highly demanding applications. The double containment system prevents the leakage of hazardous materials and protects human beings, the environment and production equipment. There are visually or automated leak-monitoring systems.

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