Die Geradsitzventile von GF JRG bieten eine kompakte Lösung für Hochleistungsanforderungen. Sie sorgen für einen effizienten Durchfluss bei einer Vielzahl von Bedingungen und Anwendungen. Sie weisen eine robuste und langlebige Bauweise auf, mit einem Gehäuse aus Rotguss und einer Ventilstange und einem Ventilsitz aus Edelstahl. Das Oberteil des Geradsitzventils ist totraumfrei.

Thermoblending Valves

GF Piping Systems’ thermoblending valves keep mixed water at a constant temperature, which allows for exceptional control accuracy and a high level of operational safety. They do not require an auxiliary energy source making them energy-efficient.

Shut-off Counter Units

Powerful performance in a small package: The GF Piping Systems shut-off/counter unit is easy to install and connect to a hot/cold water system. It comes with a cover to conceal it from sight and can handle high nominal pressures and temperatures.

Sampling Valves

GF Piping Systems’ sampling valves are designed to facilitate microbiological water analysis. Effective up to 90°C, these valves virtually eliminate dead space and are simple to fit to an existing system.

Control Valves

GF Piping Systems’ control valves maintain the desired flow characteristics within the piping system and monitor the temperature of the media. Their extremely simple design results in compact dimensions, allowing installation in confined spaces.

Circulation Controllers

Drinking water has to be safe, which is why GF Piping Systems has a range of circulation controllers designed to automatically control temperature, prevent the formation of biofilm, and facilitate thermal disinfection of the system when required.

Check Valves

Our GF metal check valves are mechanical safety devices in your pipeline that allow flow in one direction only. Our check valves are made out of bronze and can withstand high operating pressures and temperatures.

Ball Valves

GF Piping Systems metal ball valves for water installations are simple and reliable shut-off valves. They are made of robust metal, able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and available with different connection types.


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Product Manager

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