The GF Piping Systems range of butterfly valves includes various metal options to complement the plastic variants. The advantages of metal butterfly valves lie in their superb durability, enabling them to withstand extremely high operating temperatures and pressure build-up, thus guaranteeing a long service life. A cost-effective choice for any piping system, these valves are easy to install, operate and maintain.

Reliability under pressure

Made of hardwearing metal parts, these butterfly valves are extremely reliable at high operating pressures, making them ideal for industrial applications.

Low maintenance requirement

The durability of the metal parts protects the valves in even the harshest operating conditions, making regular maintenance unnecessary.

Compact construction

The sleek design of GF Piping Systems metal butterfly valves makes them easy to handle, which significantly reduces installation time.

Metal/Plastic combinations

For the best of both worlds, metal butterfly valves can be combined with plastic variants in the same system for a reliable, high-performance set-up.

Butterfly Valve 038

This lug style butterfly valve has an epoxy- or Rilsan-coated ductile cast iron housing. It can be used as an end or intermediate valve. If the valve is used at the end of a line, the maximum pressure is 5.6 bar for DN50 to DN100 and 3.5 bar above DN200.

Butterfly Valve 039

This wafer-style butterfly valve has an epoxy-coated ductile iron housing (other liner materials available on request). It has a standard connection dimension of EN 1092 PN10 and a mounting flange according to EN ISO 5211. It is only meant for use as an intermediate valve.


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