ChlorFIT, made with Corzan® CPVC, is a highly robust and corrosion free schedule 80 piping system offering superior reliability and long-lasting performance in commercial potable water systems. 

Size Range:

  • IPS OD, ½" - 6"

Pressure Rating:

  • Schedule 80 System (Varies by Size)

Operating Temperature:

  • 32°F - 160°F


  • Corzan® CPVC
Excellent chlorine resistance

Unlike other plastic piping systems, the ChlorFIT® piping system is not susceptible to chlorine-related failures.

Superior reliability

ChlorFIT®, made with Corzan® CPVC, is of industrial grade. Its quality raw materials, thicker walls, and optimum flow rates make it the right choice to meet the demands of commercial water systems.

Listed for Air Plenums

ChlorFIT pipe and fittings, made with Corzan® CPVC, are listed by ICC-ES under PMG 1264 for use in air plenums as tested in general accordance with UL 723/ASTM E84.

Highly resistant to corrosion

With today's varying water quality, anti-corrosive piping systems are a must. ChlorFIT® will not pit, scale, or corrode providing trouble-free operation and lower life-cycle costs.

The Right Piping System for Today's Emerging Trends


Evan Moix

Product Manager, Vinyls