ChlorFIT® CPVC Schedule 80 Corzan® Piping Systems

The ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 piping system is the ideal choice for hot and cold supply water in both commercial and institutional projects.

The ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 CPVC piping system eliminates many of the difficulties commonly associated with metal piping systems, such as labor-intensive installation, high material costs, corrosion and poor insulation. It even sets itself apart from other plastic systems, many of which exhibit poor resistance to chlorinated water, have temperature restrictions and durability issues, and require complicated and labor-intensive fusion processes.

Excellent chlorine resistance

Unlike other plastic piping systems, the ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 CPVC piping system is not susceptible to chlorine-related failures.

Highly robust

The ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 CPVC system is of industrial grade, with thicker walls and higher quality raw materials, making it a system you can truly rely on.

Inherent insulation

Metal pipes need to be insulated. The ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 CPVC piping system doesn’t. Its thick plastic wall inherently insulates, saving both time and money.

Highly resistant to corrosion

With today’s varying water quality, anti-corrosive piping systems are a must. ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 is highly resistant to corrosion and lasts for decades.


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