The LOKX System™ is designed for new installations, and installs in minutes, saving up to 80% on installation and labor costs. It is suitable for cities and municipalities, forced water and sewer, high corrosion areas, seismic areas or areas with high ground movement and wastewater applications. 

Proprietary ductile iron push-on style fitting with an internal self-restraining gasket that prevents pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting separation at high pressures.

The elimination of all bolts and wedges means the LOKX system is not only corrosion and leak-resistant but fast and easy to install.

Fewer components to inventory & assemble than traditional MJ systems result in a system that is up to 40% lighter, as well as reduces installation and labor costs by up to 80%.

Designed to be compatible with any PVC and HDPE pipe, each bell of the LOKX fitting is capable of 5° degrees deflection, even under pressure.

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