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ProSite from GF Piping Systems is the digital logistics solution that reduces the administration effort of ordering, reordering, and accounting of piping system components. It simplifies the stock management of installation projects, reducing the necessary workforce and related costs, supporting your team and project design process from the outset to ensure that a sustainable and efficient solution is achieved. 

value-bar-icon-5 Timely project completion

Finish projects on time by eliminating “out of stock” situations. Avoid human error to build with speed and efficiency.

value-bar-icon-6 Cost-effective

Occupy less warehouse space thanks to an optimal inventory turnover ratio with automated just-in-time inventory management. Significantly reduced administration and freight costs.

value-bar-icon-2 Fully traceable and transparent

Keep an overview of your picklists and order books at all times with a digital platform that provides all numbers at a glance.

value-bar-icon-1 Fail-safe operation

Have both staple material as well as custom pieces in supply in the exact numbers you require at all times, with no excess or shortage.


How ProSite can support you

Project managers regularly face the situation of running out of stock, with lead times from distributors causing delays and additional cost to projects that are already under pressure for time. The tedious administrative task of keeping up with inventory numbers and developing a forecasting schedule consumes a great deal of labor. Human error is almost inevitable when it comes to counting stock and estimating future demand with large, complicated excel sheets. The results are missed reordering points, dead stock, inventory write-offs, and inefficient management of capital, driving up costs and project time.

ProSite is a digital system for the facilitation of tracking stock levels, orders and deliveries. This perpetual stock management platform helps you easily record and track your inventory on a continual basis. Always have the required stock on hand while freeing up capital for greater efficiency, lower costs and no more delays. You can expect just-in-time delivery, less paperwork and a reliable database, providing transparency at all times.

Digital dashboard overview – at a glance

Easily and quickly keep everything under control at all times with a digital platform that provides all numbers at a glance. Keep an overview of your picklists and order books, with no unknown factors. Administrative tasks are made simple: quickly access and complete invoicing as well as collect data for traceability and transparency. The dashboard tracks your inventory movement across all channels, and once your stocks hit the reorder point, it will prompt you to place a new purchase order, allowing you to focus your efforts on other tasks.

Works with your preferred device

Use the device of your choice to organize and record your inventory. Using the mobile phone, tablet or scanning device and label printer you are accustomed to working with, label and scan your products to have a fully digitized stock record. If you do not have a scanner/printer device, GF Piping Systems can provide you with the necessary equipment. Label your stock by category for a perfectly organized warehouse. Improved inventory accuracy and easy implementation of basic technology - a simple change for a big effect.

Fully compatible with any situation

ProSite is compatible with any situation or business: from construction site warehouses to distribution centers, ProSite will help optimize and save costs in any situation. Any combination of product manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and customer constellation are possible. Integrate all of your supply chain components for your piping system to improve inventory accuracy, speed, and cost, regardless of product type or manufacturer. ProSite provides customizable data views based on customers and your own internal process.

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Reference Case: Chemical Support Systems (CSS) Ltd.

Chemical Support Systems (CSS) Ltd., a long-established chemical dosing equipment manufacturer based in Winsford, UK, was able to reduce its’ overall production time and cost by using a logistics platform for inventory challenges. With ProSite by GF Piping Systems the company now benefits from complete visibility of all the stock.

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