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How ProSite can support you

Project managers regularly face the situation of running out of stock, with lead times from distributors causing delays and additional cost to projects that are already under pressure for time. The tedious administrative task of keeping up with inventory numbers and developing a forecasting schedule consumes a great deal of labor. Human error is almost inevitable when it comes to counting stock and estimating future demand with large, complicated excel sheets. The results are missed reordering points, dead stock, inventory write-offs, and inefficient management of capital, driving up costs and project time.

ProSite is a digital system for the facilitation of tracking stock levels, orders and deliveries. This perpetual stock management platform helps you easily record and track your inventory on a continual basis. Always have the required stock on hand while freeing up capital for greater efficiency, lower costs and no more delays. You can expect just-in-time delivery, less paperwork and a reliable database, providing transparency at all times.

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