Waterbreaks On Demand Webinars

These pre-recorded mini webinars address the real challenges of water main breaks and how maintenance and improvements are now becoming paramount. Lasting solutions aimed at specialty repairs with the most difficult pipe connections are hard to find. Watch the series below and ask us questions.

Episode 1: Aging water infrastructure, a serious issue to water quality in North America
Episode 2: The most difficult repairs are no longer challenging

Coming soon

Episode 3: When the speed of repair is critical

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Episode 4: Ease of installation is a game changer

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Episode 5: Making connections last

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Rehabilitate your network

Fast and easy repairs with MULTI/JOINT restraint fittings, compatible with any piping material systems, offer a wide range of restraint and non-restraint connections.

Glen Steele

Market Segment Manager - Mechanical Couplings

Mechanical Couplings