We offer our customers a modern and application-oriented training environment that considers all the specific requirements regarding the content and the structure of the training. Always focusing on practice and experience with our systems and solutions, we do not only provide theoretical instructions and manuals, but instead focusing on what is necessary regarding the correct and safe handling of our products, systems and solutions. New to the world of plastics? Not to worry, our courses are designed specifically to help installers become experts in the application of plastic piping systems – to help to achieve the highest, most reliable quality and service on the market.

Clearly designed and structured training courses ensure that participants with varying levels of experience receive the knowledge transfer required to maintain the highest installation standards and quality.  This course covers electrofusion installation for sizes 14 IPS and up.


In-Person Certifications: 4 to 6 hours of high level training inside our 14,000 sq ft Training Centers' 60 seat classroom.  This course will include video, powerpoint and booklet instructions from our Fusion Training Specialist, Adam Hester.  The classroom curriculum will review the following: GF Central Plastics History, Polyethylene 101, General Information, Pipe Inspection and Preparation, Scraping, Peeling and Clamping, Pipe Restraints and Rerounding, Cooling, Control Box and Power Requirements, Installation of Coupling, Re-Fusion, Testing, Qualification, Requirements and finally Destructive Testing. A 50 question written examination will follow, students will be given 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete.

4 - 6 hours of hands-on training inside our Hands-On Technical Lab.  Each student will then assemble their own test sample.  Our Fusion Training Specialist will observe and visually inspect the performance of each student, ensuring all instructions, procedures and best practices are followed. 16 IPS pipe, fittings and our line of 16 IPS electrofusion equipment and tooling will be used during the assembly.

2 hours of destructive testing inside our world class Technical Testing Lab.  This final portion of training will consist of destructively testing the student test sample.  A hydraulic burst pressure test will be conducted on the coupling assembly.  


Passing results for the writing examination will be a minimum score of 80%.  Passing results for a visual inspection and any one of the above test on assembly joints for couplings and saddles qualifies the installer to the requirements of Part 192.285.  The destructive tests to qualify a fusion joint and joiner are described in section 9 of ASTM F1055.

Certification for Level 2 Electrofusion Installer is required annually. Our certification renewal course is offered in-person only in a condensed course. This course will include a condensed review of the original curriculum each student will complete a coupling assembly.  Certification renewal courses can take up to 6 hours. 


First Time Certification: $1500 per student
Certification Renewal: $750 per student 


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