We ensure that nothing escapes. CONTAIN-IT Plus offers the right fit and quality for transporting hazardous media in all industrial applications.

One solution, twice the protection – reliable and safe, designed for the transport of hazardous fluids. The CONTAIN-IT Plus system combines the chemical resistance of a dedicated inner pipe with the additional safety of a containment pipe. Besides a wide standard product portfolio with fittings, valves, electrical, and pneumatic actuators, mechanical connections, and leak detection systems, GF Piping Systems provides further project-specific services like customized products, prefabricated sections, planning support or -execution as well as on-site training.

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  • How to design your plant for the safe transport of chemicals?

    Discover the best practices for designing a plant that facilitates the safe transportation of chemicals through a case study featuring ams-OSRAM International GmbH. Gain insights into the legal requirements that must be met, critical considerations to remember when selecting appropriate materials, and proven strategies for achieving fast installation and ensuring safe operation.

Complete piping system integrity

Projects across many industrial applications with diverse operation conditions require consistent solutions from planning to maintenance. GF Piping Systems as a single source supplier contains it all. Our passion is to support our customers with a comprehensive solution based on a wide standard product portfolio with advanced competencies such as engineering services, tailor-made solutions, training, and planning relevant data like product-specific CAD libraries.

GF specialists offer individual support and advice in selecting the right material and calculating the static evidence for your specific application. Thanks to the fully plastic double containment design, GF offers a corrosion-free and longer-lasting solution than metal alternatives.

Watch the video series and get to know our CONTAIN-IT Plus experts. 

Episode 1: Risk minimization in the transport of hazardous media

Handling hazardous media requires actions in the plant design to protect our environment, employees’ health and safety, and consistent end-product quality. Due to environmental pollution and heavy accidents, organizations must ensure that their activities do not cause harm to anyone.

Episode 2: Global Service and Support

When designing double containment systems, material properties must be considered in relation to operational and external factors. Such influencing factors can lead to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses. These stresses and consequences must be calculated. The experts at GF Piping Systems offer individual support and advice in selecting the right material and calculate the static evidence for your specific application.

Episode 3: Installation

GF Piping Systems’ double containment system CONTAIN-IT Plus is your solution to prevent costly environmental pollutions, reduce employee accidents, and ensure higher end-product quality and plant availability. Digital libraries, material experts, technical documentations, standard and advanced engineering services, and a broad standard portfolio with all relevant tools ensure the right fit for all individual projects.

Episode 4: Quality & Safety

To minimize the risk of leakage to zero, selecting the suitable piping system material is crucial, considering the project-specific operating conditions. GF Piping Systems offers an online chemical resistance tool to choose the appropriate material for pipes and gaskets and select the right jointing technologies. Also, the experts of GF Piping Systems are ready to support individual assessments of project-specific operating conditions.

Episode 5: Advanced Engineering Services

Double containment systems are installed and operated in very demanding applications and areas: The systems must withstand temperature fluctuations, pressure, and highly aggressive chemical mixtures, such as wastewater. The Advanced Engineering Services team at GF Piping Systems ensures that the system can be operated safely over its intended service life by performing appropriate calculations such as structural analysis.

System Flexibility

Designed for industrial applications with a strong focus on easy and safe installation for a wide range of dimensions and inner pipe materials to ensure a long lifetime and an efficient operation of the system.

Leak detection system

Reliable leak detection solutions combined with a variety of system connections contributes to a fast troubleshooting and a safe system condition.

Unique joining technology

Unique, easy and safe joining technology in compliance with DVS guidelines enables a visual inspection of the inner pipe before closing the outer pipe.

Standard Service

Concerns about your system design – not with the free of charge standard service based on the questionnaire for static evidence & stress calculation, which provides further information about the feasibility and fix point forces.

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