ALUPEX is a multilayer piping system that includes multilayer pipes and brass press fittings. It is suitable for drinking water applications and heating solutions.

ALUPEX pipes consist of three layers: The inner layer of electron beam cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xc) ensures resistance to high temperatures (up to 95 °C at 10 bar) and mechanical load. The aluminum middle layer guarantees flexibility, compressive strength and perfect distribution of the compressive load. The outer layer of chemically cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xb) offers high impact resistance.

Excellent corrosion resistance

The inner and outer layers of the cross-linked polyethylene used for ALUPEX provide excellent resistance to corrosion, sedimentation, erosion and contamination.

Narrow bending radius

Cross-linked polyethylene pipes are extremely flexible. The narrow bending radius allows for more accentuated curvatures. This reduces the number of fittings required for ALUPEX.


The ALUPEX brass press fittings without O-rings offer safe and reliable connection for a long period with no weak points.

Oxygen tightness

ALUPEX multilayer pipes are completely oxygen-proof thanks to the aluminum. This characteristic makes ALUPEX the best solution for heating applications.

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