Municipal & Industrial Industry

Georg Fischer Central Plastics is the leader in providing products for your water and energy needs

Georg Fischer Central Plastics is a leader in providing smart end-to-end piping solutions for the safe transportation of fluids that power our lives. Our product offerings include PE pipe, PE and metallic components and connections, and the fusion equipment required to create leak-free, durable systems for potable water and waste water systems, as well as for energy industries.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the solution for the water system of the 21st Century. HDPE is the most fatigue resistant piping material available today, never corroding and resistant to chemical and abrasion. It has proven to be durable, leak-free, and cost-effective.

It's why at Georg Fischer we have HDPE solutions along the entire length of your system. From in-stock parts to custom fabricated fittings, we manufacture the highest quality products to ensure the safe delivery of our most precious resource.