push fit system


iFIT is a push-fit system in dimensions of d16-32, connecting polybutene (PB) and multilayer composite (ML) pipes with PPSU, brass and bronze fittings using a unique modular adapter technology.

Key benefits of the iFIT push-system

With the introduction of iFIT from GF Piping Systems, plumbing technology has taken another step forward. Never before has it been easier and safer to install polybutene and multilayer composite pipes in the dimensions d16 to d32. It is even possible to work across dimensions, i.e. each module can be connected to pipes of dimensions 16/20 or 25/32.

Proven success

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Three Point Residential Towers - Drinking water at Lofty Heights

In Dübendorf, on the outskirts of the metropolis of Zurich, three residential towers are reaching for the skies. The tallest measures 115 meters and comprises 38 floors. Together with the other two towers, with 34 and 36 stories, these elegant skyscrapers accommodate around 450 apartments. All were sold before completion (scheduled for early 2024). For the fine distribution of drinking water in the comfortable apartments, the main contractor ADT INNOVA Construction AG went for the patented push-fit system iFIT.

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