Double Containment Systems

Protect and preserve: our sustainable solution to comply with local environmental and employee protection regulations for the safe transport of hazardous media.

GF Piping Systems’ market-leading Double Containment portfolio is your solution to prevent costly environmental pollutions, reduce employee accidents, and ensure higher end-product quality and plant availability.

What are Double Containment Systems?

Double Containment Systems are piping systems, which are especially designed for the safe transport of hazardous media and gases. GF Piping Systems' solution consists of a medium carrying inner pipe and a containment pipe. In case of an unexpected leakage of the inner pipe, the containment pipe ensures ultimate protection for the surrounding.

Who needs a Double Containment System?

All plant operators with a distribution or wastewater piping system which could have a negative impact on environment, health, safety or quality in case of an unexpected leakage. Due to environmental pollu­tion and severe accidents, organizations are enforced to ensure their activities do not cause harm to anyone.

What are the applications for Double Containment Systems?

Double Containment Systems are required in all applications, where uncontrolled leakages of a medium/gas can lead to damage of the environment, employees, equipment or influence of quality (EHSQ).

Main applications are in water treatment, wastewater treatment, chemical process industry, microelectronics, pharmaceutical industry, and food and beverage industry. 

How to minimize the risk of costly leakages?

Reasons for unexpected leakages of single pipelines are many-fold. The risk can be reduced to a fraction through careful planning, corrosion-free material selection (thermoplastics) and professional installation. GF Piping Systems offers comprehensive global support and service from planning to commission to ensure a long-lasting system.

However, in applications where unexpected leakage can lead to huge consequences – especially in those handling aggressive liquids and gases – a double containment system is the ideal solution to reduce costly damages (reputation, end-product quality, plant availability and IT infrastructure). 

Risk evaluation

The use of critical media also poses a costly risk internally, especially for production-relevant equipment such as machines and plant components. In addition to hazardous chemicals, other media that appear harmless at first glance, such as water, can also pose a risk to the end-product safety or the IT-Infrastructure for plant operators.  

To assess the need for a double containment system in your facility, speak to one of our experts.

Chemical resistance of thermoplastic piping systems

Primarily aggressive chemicals are transported in Double Containment Systems. This requires a careful selection of the inner pipe material, taking into account the project-specific operating conditions.

With this online tool you can now find the right materials for your project.

Environmental and employee protection

With more rigorously enforced legal restrictions for the safe transport of hazardous media, plant operators worldwide must fulfill environmental and employee protection standards. 

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Specialized Solutions

With its Specialized Solutions, GF Piping Systems covers every aspect of the project process, from the planning phase to installation and maintenance of state-of-the-art plastic piping systems. Learn more: 


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