The maintenance-free, easy and complete solutions of GF Piping Systems for water and cooling applications onboard help you to increase the safety and comfort of your passengers and the efficiency of your ship. At the same time, they contribute to lowering the maintenance and overall costs and reducing downtimes as much as possible. Our products warrant the safe conveyance of drinking water and other process fluids on board – without altering their quality in the least.

megaphon Non-corrosive system solutions

Our plastic systems cover all fluid applications onboard and remain non-corrosive for the entire service life of the ship (at least 25 years). You do not need to worry about leaks or severe accidents due to corrosion damage anymore and can concentrate on your daily business.

value-bar-icon-1 More efficiency on board

Plastic systems are up to 60 percent lighter than metallic solutions. This weight reduction makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption and increase load capacity. New areas and sales opportunities become accessible. Better, durable insulation helps increase efficiency by reducing cooling and heating losses.

value-bar-icon-2 Safety and hygiene

Our drinking water solutions reduce the risk of bacterial pathogens in the cabins. In contrast, the cooling solutions increase passenger comfort and preserve food items in the warehouses, kitchens, and restaurants onboard. They protect the health of your passengers and the reputation of the company.

value-bar-icon-3 Persistently efficient

Our systems remain free of rust, incrustations, and deposits throughout the entire service life of the ship. They resist chemical stresses, such as chlorine disinfection of the drinking water system, quickly and permanently.


No maintenance and lower costs with plastic systems on board

GF Piping Systems has been the partner of the global marine industry for more than 20 years and supplies non-corrosive and light plastic piping systems for water treatment and distribution, gray and black water disposal, and cooling. They reduce the tare weight and risks to hygiene and increase the safety of your passengers and crew as well as efficiency onboard

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