Wherever you are in the world, GF Piping Systems is available to support you in every phase of your project. But nothing replaces a personal conversation with an expert from GF Piping Systems. It is all about your needs and how we can support you with your specific projects. If you have not already done so, make an appointment today.


Our locations

GF Piping Systems is represented in 34 countries with its sales and production companies and experienced experts. This means that you always have local contact partners that can support you throughout all phases of your project. Our experts know the local requirements and specific features and can recommend solutions that can be used safely and reliably for the project site. This also applies to projects spanning several countries and continents. 


GF Piping Systems instructional courses can help you teach your customers and their installers essential knowledge and an in-depth understanding of our products, solutions, and jointing technology. With Specialized Education from GF Piping Systems, we help prevent damage before it occurs, with well-trained and qualified installers. Get in touch if you would like to benefit from our training team's vast domain expertise and would like to talk about organizing digital training courses. 

How-to videos

If you require support with an installation video or want to learn more about a specific product, solution, or jointing technology, then visit our GF Piping Systems YouTube channel and keep your knowledge up to speed. If you require any particular advice, just contact us. 

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Global Service Support

If you need support from GF Piping Systems, simply contact your local GF Piping Systems sales company and make an appointment with an expert. If you are not able to find the correct contact, then you can contact our global service support team.

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