Production Site Locations

Insights into our factories around the world: Check out the unique stories of our factories and experience how GF Piping Systems manufactures and distributes high-quality products in different countries.


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Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Follow us on a tour through our headquarter and the founding location of GF Piping Systems in Schaffhausen. Experience our highly innovative laboratory, check out our high-rack storage, the factory, our distribution center and get exclusive insights into the working environments of our employees.

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Making big connections: Check out one of the largest injection moulding machines in Switzerland. The machine produces multiple HDPE fittings up to diameter 500 mm. Designed  to make your projects more economical with the ELGEF Plus product range.

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Sissach, Switzerland

Get to know our location in Sissach and join the journey of product development, production and transport of our systems. We want to show you, where and how we meet the highest demands of water quality. Hygiene, safety and comfort are a priority when it comes to water. Because water is our element.

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Sissach, Switzerland

Join Nathalie Bergdoll and Managing Director Roland Gisin in a factory tour of GF JRG in Sissach. What is the origin of the factory? What is produced in Sissach? How do you combine tradition and innovation in one factory? These and more questions are answered by the dynamic team in a factory tour, hosted at the Age of Water digital event.

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Seewis, Switzerland

Find out more about one of the most modern GF Piping Systems factories in the world, its employees, and the products produced in Seewis.


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Istanbul, Turkey

Visit the turkish production facilities and experience advanced technology, which is used in the production of Aquasystem and Silenta Products.


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Irvine, United States

Experience GF custom products and how GF can support their customers with engineered and prefabricated components.


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Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Get some insights into our factory in Indonesia and see the big impressive machines which produce our pipes in different dimensions.

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Beijing and Shanghai, China

Check out our production sites in Beijing and Shanghai which manifacture different types of our portfolio with high quality and modern technology.