Building technology competence: Whether drinking or cooling water, GF JRG has the solution. From connectors without dead space to valve controls, GF JRG ensures safety and performance.

When drinking water installations or cooling water systems need to function in a safe, clean and sterile manner, GF JRG has the solution. Founded in 1887 (and part of GF since 2008), the company bundles its expertise in building technology in the Georg Fischer world of fluidics with the Sanipex classic, Sanipex MT, iFIT and INSTAFLEX piping systems, connectors without dead space or flow-optimized fittings, as well as the Hycleen Automation System.

Free of dead space and flow-optimized

The JRG Sanipex fittings achieve optimum flow rates and do not give bacteria or Legionella a chance.

Safe, clean and hygienic

Cooling systems offer optimum conditions for bacteria and germs. GF JRG counters this with its optimized flow design and highly effective disinfection solutions.

Automation for building technology

With Hycleen, GF JRG offers automation solutions optimized for hygienic drinking water installations, from measured value acquisition via sensor to reporting.

Communicating water competence

Ask the experts: GF JRG not only consolidates building technology expertise, but also supports users and operators with services as well as training and further education.

Our latest innovations & campaigns

Precision water control

Hycleen Automation System

The Hycleen Automation System conducts your potable water installation safely and conveniently from one central control unit. With the automated circulation control system, GF Piping Systems ensure flowing harmony in your installation. It allows for all system data to be logged, evaluated and displayed on a 10-inch touch screen. All system data can be conveniently monitored remotely; status information and unusual occurrences are reported via push messages.

multilayer pipes and fittings

JRG Sanipex MT

What makes JRG Sanipex MT unique? The multilayer pipes and fittings are produced in the two-layer injection moulding process combined with the ingenious flared clamp connection technology. Combined with many other benefits this makes the holistic system ideal for distribution, riser, and connection lines in single-family homes and large-scale projects for drinking water, heating, cooling, or compressed air.



What we do at the site

As a manufacturer of fittings for domestic water installations, we have our own foundry and state-of-the-art CNC-controlled casting and décolletage machines.

Administrative and technical planning operations (AVORs) support our production departments, control the technological and economic processes and ensure proper documentation.

GF JRG Foundry

The foundry is where high-grade parts are produced from Cu alloys on a fully automated molding line. 

In close cooperation with the Foundry Engineering Center, the components are engineered on the CAD system, and filling and solidification processes are simulated on the computer. The milling program for the pattern equipment is created using CAM.


In close cooperation with the production planning department, entire molding devices and milling programs are created on Catia CAD systems and electronically transferred to the departments concerned for further processing.

  • Design of required equipment and programming of machine tools (Catia CAD)
  • CNC programming
GF JRG Turning

This part of the production process turns parts on single and multi-spindle automatic lathes for internal and external customers.

GF JRG Processing

We produce the parts from castings and block or slug material for internal and external customers using machining.The high productivity transfer machines are loaded and unloaded by robots.

GF JRG Montage

With cutting-edge machines, some equipped with robots, all water-bearing castings are put through a 100% leak test in the assembly department.

And in the final assembly, the modern plants are equipped with automatic monitoring cameras to guarantee high quality.

The components are packed and transferred to the high-bay warehouse to complete the process. 

GF JRG Tool Making

Toolmaking comprises mechanical engineering, grinding/wire erosion, and pattern-making teams. Within GF JRG AG, this service department makes all manufacturing and production equipment for the foundry, assembly, and machining departments. Including the following facilities and components:

  • Pattern plates and core boxes -> Foundry
  • Accessories for the fully-automated sawing, fettling, and punching cells -> Fettling shop
  • Chucks and machining tools such as jaws, countersinks, and facing slides -> Casting
  • Machining tools such as forming and grooving plates, multi-sided cutters -> Décolletage
  • Special tools, assembly aids -> Assembly

And all production equipment is maintained, repaired, and serviced in the tool shop.

GF JRG Maintenance

Maintenance staff maintains and repairs production equipment to guarantee the highest possible plant availability. In addition, they work with plant managers to find solutions to prevent recurring faults and, consequently, continuously improve plant availability. 

Maintenance also involves retaining the value of the building infrastructure as a whole, building cleaning, the green spaces, and the building grounds.


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Factory Tour

Join Nathalie Bergdoll and Managing Director Roland Gisin in a factory tour of GF JRG in Sissach. What is the origin of the factory? What is produced in Sissach? How do you combine tradition and innovation in one factory? These and more questions are answered by the dynamic team in a factory tour, hosted at the Age of Water digital event.

Learn more about Andri Andri Ragettli

Andri Ragettli

GF is the new partner of Swiss freestyle champion Andri Ragettli. GF and Andri share the vision of secure access to clean drinking water.

In his video blog, Andri talks about why he chose GF as his sponsor. 

Read reference story Reference Hycleen Automation System

Reference case: A clever solution

The Hycleen Automation System is suitable for new buildings such as the senior and care center Senevita Mülibach (Switzerland).

When drinking water is set at the wrong temperature and does not circulate enough in the piping, bacteria reproduce particularly fast. The Hycleen Automation System from GF Piping Systems was developed for exactly this type of situation.

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