When drinking water installations or cooling water systems need to function in a safe, clean and sterile manner, JRG has the solution. Founded in 1887 (and part of GF since 2008), the company bundles its expertise in building technology in the Georg Fischer world of fluidics with the Sanipex classic, Sanipex MT, iFIT and Instaflex piping systems, connectors without dead space or flow-optimized fittings, as well as the Hycleen Automation System.

Free of dead space and flow-optimized

The JRG Sanipex and iLite plastic and brass fittings achieve optimum flow rates and do not give bacteria or Legionella a chance.

Safe, clean and hygienic

Cooling systems offer optimum conditions for bacteria and germs. JRG counters this with its optimized flow design and highly effective disinfection solutions.

Automation for building technology

With Hycleen, JRG offers automation solutions optimized for hygienic drinking water installations, from measured value acquisition via sensor to reporting.

Communicating water competence

Ask the experts: JRG not only consolidates building technology expertise, but also supports users and operators with services as well as training and further education.

Hycleen Automation System

Revolutionizing sanitary automation processes and securing the safe supply of potable water


iFIT is a push-fit system in dimensions of d16-32, connecting polybutene (PB) and multilayer composite (ML) pipes with PPSU and brass fittings using a unique modular adapter technology.


iLITE is an axial press system with excellent flow rates thanks to the expansion of the pipe. The sleeves are already pre-assembled on the fitting and connected in a single-step procedure with just one tool.


The INSTAFLEX plastic pipeline system is ideally suited for applications in building technology, whether cold or hot water, cooling systems or compressed air lines.

JRG Coral Force

GF Piping Systems offers an innovative technology that prevents the formation of lime scale in drinking water installations while ensuring good drinking water quality.

JRG Valves

GF JRG valves are successfully developed, designed and produced valves for building technology applications for more than 100 years.

JRG Sanipex

JRG Sanipex is a plastic pipe-in-pipe drinking water system for water pocket-free connection at full flow. The PE-X pipes in the protective pipes can be easily replaced if necessary.

JRG Sanipex MT

The JRG Sanipex MT drinking water installation system consists of cross-linked PE-X multilayer pipes and fittings produced using two-layer injection molding and the unique cone grip union technology.

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