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Track & Trace 3.0 version out now!

New features have been released such as the Torque module, to guide and record the installation of any type of flange, and AsBuild Data, a module that uses Augmented Reality to capture all data points of your construction project.

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Managing your teams working on installations can be challenging due to the complex tasks and dependencies involved and the physical distance between your office and the worksites. Our solution provides your team with product and process data, registering the precise position of all your components and monitoring the installation progress and quality in real-time.

Using Track & Trace eliminates paperwork, saves time, and reduces costs. You can schedule deliveries, work remotely, and receive instant updates, meaning you always have the most current information. It collects data with the help of a smartphone to centrally and securely store it in the cloud, so that project owners can access this information conveniently via a web interface. Trouble spots are easily located, which ensures reliable operations and the best installation quality. Worksite statistics are available at any time, meaning trips to job sites can be dramatically reduced.

Track & Trace is a powerful digital tool that will help you optimize your workforce and allow them to concentrate on what they do better.

Track & Trace is a powerful service that brings numerous benefits to your business. We invite you to get in touch with the experts at GF Piping Systems near you to experience it for yourself. Schedule an appointment for a first-hand demonstration and learn more about its comprehensive capabilities and how it can simplify your workflows and improve your team efficiency.

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 As construction projects continue to grow larger and more complex, it is more important than ever to have all the relevant data available at all times.

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