Industrial Schedule 40 CPVC Pipe

CPVC Industrial Schedule 40 pipes are produced on the basis of proven technical expertise and offer a tried-and-tested recipe for success in a world of constant technological change.

The Schedule 40 CPVC piping system is extruded from a special blend of CPVC compound with unique physical properties suitable for piping applications, such as improved impact results and excellent fire resistance capabilities. GF Harvel CPVC Schedule 40 piping can handle a variety of applications, temperatures and pressure requirements.

Excellent chemical resistance

Schedule 40 CPVC pipes are highly resistant to hot acids, alkalis, alcohols and many other corrosive materials, making them ideal for a wide variety of low-pressure or drainage applications.

Material saving

Schedule 40 CPVC systems provide the same inherent corrosion and temperature resistance as Schedule 80 CPVC, but offer material saving for use in lower pressure piping applications.

Superior ductility

CPVC Schedule 40 pressure pipe has an upper working temperature limit of 200°F (93°C) and has longer support spacing than PVC Schedule 40 pipes.

A wide range of applications

Schedule 40 CPVC systems can be found in water and wastewater treatment, hot chemical drainage and plating applications, amongst others.


Benjamin Levie

Product Manager