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When industrial plants are considered in their entirety, secondary cooling plays a decisive role in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Thus, it is our expressed intention to be part of the worldwide initiative to optimise refrigeration plants and cooling systems regarding energy use and environmental impact.

Cooling Systems within the water cycle

Modern cities are constantly growing and changing. This increases the expectations of efficiency and performance of all types of devices. Their use raises enormous amounts of heat increasing the need for air conditioning.

Air conditioning also plays an important role in everyday life, as the ambient temperature affects people’s well-being and productivity - whether at work or during leisure time, at home or travelling.

GF Piping Systems offers its unique and extensive COOL-FIT range for all types of cooling requirements.

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Take Advantage of these Benefits

Building Owners

Minimized energy loss

  • Top quality insulation thickness and density throughout the entire system.

Light weight

  • Ideal for retrofitting of prestigious buildings 30% less weight than traditional metal systems.

Hard external jacket

  • Vapour and moisture tight construction, mechanically loadable.

Low CO2 footprint

  • CFC free and recyclable. Zero ODP.

General contractors and installers

Build more in less time

  • 3-in-1: pipe, insulation and jacket in one step.

Reliable easy jointing

  • No hot works for the electrofusion jointing process.

Simple installation

  • The hard external jacket allows for simple, easy assembly with standard brackets.

Light weight and easy to handle

  • Up to d110 mm no need for lifts or special devices to handle on-site.

Off-site pre-fabrication

  • Reduced on-site labor time.

Planners and consultants

Easy and accurate planning

  • Planning fundamentals, CAD library, BIM compatible.

Complete compatible system – clearly defined interfaces

  • Insulated pipes, fittings, valves, clearly defi ned interfaces, flexible hoses – one system, one team, one producer.
  • A system for life
  • Corrosion and condensation free, moisture and vapour tight, low pressure loss and energy efficient.

State-of-the-art jointing technology

  • Machine controlled quality.


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