PRIMOFIT is a full end-load resistant compression fitting made of malleable cast iron, which is suitable for the connection of steel, PE and lead pipes with a black or hot-dip galvanized surface.

 PRIMOFIT is a compression fitting made of malleable cast iron, offering full end-load capability. Additionally, it allows for an angular deviation of up to 3° per compression joint. Suitable for the connection of steel pipes, PE pipes, lead pipes and special steel pipes, PRIMOFIT is available with a black or hot-dip galvanized surface. PRIMOFIT is best suited for new installations, pipe repair and pipe work extension as well as the exchange of valves and filters.

Quick installation

PRIMOFIT compression fittings are pre-assembled and ready for installation on the pipe. Dismantling before installation is not required.

Very versatile connection

PRIMOFIT compression fittings are suitable for different media, pipe materials and pipe diameters and can be easily converted and reused by utilizing spare packs.

Easy assembly – Low costs

No special pipe preparation is needed for the assembly of PRIMOFIT compression fittings. No special tools or skills are required and the joint can be loosened without damage.

High-end materials

PRIMOFIT fittings are made of high-graded whiteheart malleable cast iron. In case of a hot-dip galvanized surface, highly pure zinc, suitable for drinking water, is used for the galvanization.

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