JRG Coral Force

JRG Coral Force

GF Piping Systems offers an innovative technology that prevents the formation of lime scale in drinking water installations while ensuring good drinking water quality.

Lime in drinking water can be detrimental for pipes, fittings and water heaters. JRG Coral force has proven to be an effective natural limestone protection device that does not affect drinking water quality. Thanks to the catalyst granulate used, the biomineralization converts the dissolved calcium and carbonate ions into tiny lime crystals, which are simply flushed out of the system. 

Salt-free treatment

JRG Coral force does not require chemical treatment. There is no salt or phosphate uptake in the water; the sodium content is not increased any further.

Longer service life

The prevention of limescale deposits ensures that pipes, fittings and systems function properly for much longer and counteracts increased energy consumption caused by limescale in hot water preparation.

Hygienic safety

By preventing lime deposits, the risk of dangerous bacteria (legionella) growth is significantly reduced. In addition, the device regularly disinfects itself with heat.

Economic investment

The importance of low operating costs and no consequential damage to heat exchangers or pumps is not to be discounted. The catalyst granulate used with JRG Coral force only needs to be replaced every five years.

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