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iFIT is a push-fit system in dimensions of d16-32, connecting polybutene (PB) and multilayer composite (ML) pipes with PPSU, brass and bronze fittings using a unique modular adapter technology.

iFIT is an innovative installation system featuring a unique adapter module technology for potable water and heating. Thanks to its modular system, iFIT has 50 % less parts yet more combination options than conventional installation systems. 

Benefits of the iFIT installation system

Quick and easy installation by hand

Just a few steps are required for a secure connection thanks to the iFIT push-fit system, which offers an inspection window in the adapter and a clicking sound when plugging the adapter into the module by hand.

High operational safety

The materials used are highly resistant to corrosion and scale. Thus, iFIT is excellently suited for use in plumbing and heating. Four O-rings ensure a tight connection for more than a decade.

Fewer components

Thanks to its modular system, iFIT provides more options using 50% fewer system components compared with conventional installation systems. That way, the plumber always has the required part available. 

Cost effectiveness

Requiring 50% less components, the iFIT system saves additional expenses. This results in much lower inventory costs while eliminating the costs for proprietary and expensive tools.

Environmentally friendly

iFIT allows installation without external power supply, the modules are reusable.


Piping materials

  • Diffusion-tight multilayer composite pipe with inner and outer layer made of PE-RT (temperature resistant polyethylene) with butt welded aluminium for plumbing and heating.
  • Homogeneous polybutene (PB) all-plastic pipe for plumbing.

Fitting materials

  • Fittings made of high-performance plastic (PPSU) and of dezincification-resistant, low-lead brass as well as bronze.


iFIT material
Example bathroom installation iFIT

Example bathroom installation

Besides fashionable tiles and modern taps, smoothly working and reliable plumbing is prerequisite to fully enjoy the comfort of your bathroom.

Plastic drinking water pipes are a crucial factor. To function properly, water pipes must be durable, reliable and highly corrosion resistant.

iFIT is suitable for all types of installation (such as single tap points, piece or looped installation) in new buildings, conversions and reconstruction of small and large properties.

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