Georg Fischer Ltd is the New Zealand distributor for Radiodetection pipe and cable locators. Radiodetection's Cable Avoidance Tools (C.A.T) are used by utilities worldwide to prevent accidental damage to underground services when excavating and use Radiodetection's precision locators (RD7100 and RD8100 products) to accurately locate buried services.

Precision Locator Range

Locating and protecting buried infrastructure are key operations for many industries, and locator technicians need reliable equipment that can be used all day, every day in tough environments. They demand tools that can deliver efficient operations, high levels of safety and precise and accurate measurements. Radiodetection’s Precision Locators are designed to meet these demanding requirements.

Cable Avoidance Tools

Cable Avoidance Tools assist in identifying the location of buried cables and pipes before excavation, reducing the risk of injury to personnel and damage to utilities. Drive best practice, reduce utility strikes, and improve safety with C.A.T and Genny.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses radio waves to build a picture of what is below the surface. Ground Penetrating Radar sends out a pulse of radio energy which bounces off the buried object and is detected by the receiver. The results, showing the location and depth of buried objects, are displayed in real-time in the field or can be integrated into maps and other deliverables.

Metal and Magnetic Locators

Water and Gas customers need to find, repair and replace ageing buried assets as part of national general improvements and maintenance to reduce industry leakage statistics. For over half a century, Schonstedt has been a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing underground magnetic locators commonly called magnetometers. The Schonstedt range of Magnetometers are designed to locate and trace deep buried pipes, pipe joints and welds in the water, gas and petrochemical industries. 

Plastic Water Pipe Locator

There are continuous time and cost pressures on Water Companies to reduce water loss; Radiodetection is focused on providing solutions to water utility contractors who need to quickly and accurately locate and trace plastic water pipes, either to lay additional services or to repair leakages.


Designed to extend the capabilities of Radiodetection products, accessories available include rechargeable battery packs and flexible rods.

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