Ultrasonic Continuous Level Measurement

The GF 2260 and 2270 are rugged and high-performance ultrasonic level transmitters for non-contacting continuous level measurement. They are easy to install and reliable within ranges up to 15 meters.

The demands on measurement systems change substantially depending on the application and process liquid. GF Piping Systems ultrasonic level sensors are easy to install and suitable for a wide range of tank applications. They are paired with state-of-the-art measuring technology to ensure the right solution for every application, even under harsh or corrosive conditions.

Easy to install and versatile

GF Piping Systems ultrasonic level transmitters are suitable for a wide range of tank applications and process media. With the exchangeable display and the quick-start functions, installation can be carried out in just a few minutes.

Durable solutions

Thanks to their non-contact ultrasonic technology, GF Piping Systems ultrasonic sensor solutions are designed to withstand challenging conditions.

Safe and reliable

Featuring durable plastic housing and non-contact sensors, ultrasonic solutions ensure long-term reliability without ever requiring re-calibration.

Long service life

Industrial-grade electronics and non-contact technologies embedded in high-performance plastics or stainless steel make these solutions particularly durable.

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