Big Dimensions

Sustainable large diameter solutions in PE (polyethylene) make your advanced piping networks easier, faster and more economical. Big diversity with no limits in designing your piping networks

GF Piping Systems leads the way in long-lasting corrosion and maintenance-free solutions for large dimensions up to d2000. Our comprehensive PE systems offer fast, safe and reliable zero leakage connections with expected 100 years of lifetime. Customizing teams forge the best solution that fits you, with off-site prefabrication, developing custom-made parts and individual consulting. 

What are the top four issues that operators and engineers face when working with large dimension building projects? Find out how GF Piping Systems experts can solve your pipeline challenges in water and gas supply.

Getting everything from one source means comprehensive solutions that are perfectly compatible and customizable without any limits in designing your piping networks. A combination of fittings and tools with state of the art fusion and jointing technology results in reliable and cost-efficient installations.


Discover all the application areas where GF Piping Systems can support you:

Large-dimension building projects demand materials that are up to the task. Developers and operators continuously face corrosion issues that lead to expensive damages and water leakages,  when working with metal piping systems. Here we provide you with some examples of our reference cases on how to build a big, tight and reliable pipeline with PE for an expected lifetime of 100 years. Contact us for your next big project. 

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