Aquatap® Recirculating Faucet

AquaTap™ recirculating laboratory faucets installed in combination with Inline Flow Diverters (IFD) eliminate dead-legs at all points of use to maintain purity throughout the DI water loop.

The unique design of the IFD provides a high flow rate to the faucet through flexible tubing eliminating the need to run rigid piping. Installation is simple and easy and is designed to have sufficient flow to the faucet as far as 50 feet away.

No Dead-Legs

Constant flow through the faucet head and body eliminates stagnant water and inhibits organic growth.

Low Installation Costs

EThe unique IFD and tubing design eliminates the need to run rigid pipe to points of use such as beneath sinks in laboratories.

No Wetted Metal

Unlike other recirculating faucets, there are no wetted metal components to come in contact with the process water.

Continuous Flow

The Aquatap system is pre-engineered to provide continuous flow within 50 feet of the IFD. No need to calculate pressure drops and adjust throttling valves to achieve continuous flow.

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